Monochromatic colour schemes (primarily using one colour) are popping up in every newly decorated room right now, and it’s little wonder as it’s the perfect way to create a beautifully simple space in your home. Our extensive cladding range is perfect for your next mono project!

One of the keys to decorating using a monochromatic theme is to take advantage of the variations in tone and more importantly the texture of your colour. These subtle variations keep your monochromatic space from feeling a bit boring and flat and play the main role in the success of your rooms decoration.

Classic blacks, whites and greys

Mono never goes out of style when using blacks, whites and shades of grey. The monochromatic accessories in this bathroom add to the timeless look and feel.

Silver Ash from the Italian Collection

Accentuate with colours

The beautiful modern bathroom below uses a mix of greys. The textures keep it interesting and contemporary, while some well chosen coloured details intentionally stand out and add some depth and definition to this room’s design.

Piedra Pastello from the VOX Motivo range

Neutral creams and browns

A more traditional, warming scheme of creams and browns can make for a wonderfully relaxing comforting space, but can still be punctuated with the introduction of some subtle, more bold peripherals. Changing these up every now and then will give your room a different personality whenever you feel like it.

Beige Tile Decorative Cladding

Beige Tile

Something important to consider when planning your room is light. Natural light will affect the colour of your space depending on the time or day, time of year and which direction your window faces. You should think about how your chosen colour will work with the light it will get, and decide on something that will work all year round.

Whatever colour you decide on, our showrooms in Washington, Newcastle, Consett & Sunderland are full of ideas, and experts who’d be happy to suggest the perfect selection of monochromatic wall and flooring options for your latest DIY project.